Celebrity Guest | Barry Williams (Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch) delivers his best Dad Jokes! | 16 April 2022

What an honor to have Barry Williams, best known for his iconic role as Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch, deliver his best Dad Jokes.

Barry hosts his own podcast show together with his “sibling” Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) – The Real Brady Bros:

Every week, The Brady Bros will recap a particular episode of the iconic Brady Bunch, recollect on the production, the adventure, the misadventure, the reaction and how each show resonated with the viewers. They’ll also delve into how the show relates to the present day with special guests who love and live all things Brady. One thing’s for sure: The Bradys will live in Americana forever, and we’re here to make sure that podcast listeners become privy to every detail!

You can also check out Barry’s website here.

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