Yesterday’s NBA Results Podcast


Our sister podcast by host, Bob Jeffey, gives a breakdown of NBA’s latest results and best player from each game. Search for it in your podcast app or check it out on Spotify.

Mystic Panthers NFT

What do Steph Curry, Jay Z, and Logan Paul have in common? All three of them have purchased digital art NFTs. NFTs are the new digital trend combining cryptocurrencies with beautiful digital art that you own exclusively. Our episode sponsor, Mystic Panthers, are launching a limited set of awesome Panther themed NFTs. Be sure to get in quick to get your unique, one of a kind Panther, available from October 29!
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Minr – Gold Mining Idle Game

I love mobile idle games and now there is a game I play that I’m really addicted to! Miner allows you to build your gold mining empire, stop raids on your mine, upgrade your production and unlock new regions. Download from Google Play.


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